Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Dear members, please welcome the TESOL Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece Executive Board 2018-2020. 
Chair: Maria Araxi Sachpazian 
Vice Chair: Maria Theologidou 
Secretary General: Emmanuel Kontovas
Treasurer: Dr. Linda Manney 
Membership Secretary: Maria Vaggeloglou 
Social Media Managers: Nora Touparlaki in charge of Linkedin 
Theodora Papapanagiotou in charge of blog and Facebook 
Dimitra Christopoulou in charge of Youtube, Twitter and 
Member at Large: Dr. Luke Prodromou.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the AGM and let us wish our association the best for the next 25 years.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Zoi Tsiviltidou & Andrew Wilcox

Speaker: Zoi Tsiviltidou 
Title: Building literacy with synthetic phonics using online tools for class practice
We will present you ways of using online tools for teaching phonics and building your students’ reading skills without compromising fun. Advanced digital learning technologies have bridged digital media literacy to English literacy for better task performance rates. We will use illustrative examples of how online tools can be used to support your teaching of synthetic phonics.

About Zoi: Certified EFL teacher and award-winner PhD Candidate working in Greece and the UK. 

Speaker: Andrew Wilcox
Title: Keeping out of touch: critical thinking and digital information 
“New” does not necessarily mean “useful” or “appropriate.” Innovation is not synonymous with progress. Sometimes they coincide, as with anaesthetics or antiseptis. Sometimes they do not, as with chlouroflourocarbons. The speaker contends that we need to take a hard critical look at the technologies that have emerged in recent decades.

About Andrew: Freelance teacher and proofreader. Decades of experience, MA, BA, PGCE. Former board member and chair of Tesol Mth

Meet Our Speakers - Helen Dalakas & Asimenia Featham

Speakers: Helena Dalakas
Title: Promoting creativity in the classroom
I will start by telling audience members a little bit about who I am.  Then proceed in explaining where and how I implemented this lesson including expectations (rubric).   
As a hands-on activity, I will break the audience in small groups and allow them to create their own enviro-bag.  Once finished, each group will spend a few minutes to present their product.

About Helena: BA(Honors), MEd, ESL specialist, Teacher, Thessaloniki, Greece

Speaker: Asimenia Featham
Title: Mind against Mind - Debates: The Ultimate Challenge for FL Learners (A guide for school debates)
Debates are without doubt an important educational tool and an effective teaching strategy with multiple benefits for language learners. This presentation will explore the potential benefits of the art of debating and will provide a step-by-step guide to demonstrate to teachers how to conduct their own debates in the FL classroom.

About Asimenia: MIL, Dip. Trans., MSc in TE Aston University UK. School owner, DoS, teacher trainer, QLS Chair.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Maria Gourmou & Olga Christodoulou

Speaker: Maria Gourmou
Title: Teaching English to young learners in Greece: Obstacles and Practical Solutions
How can English language teachers overcome the obstacles of teaching young learners? To answer this question, the attributes of young learners and the obstacles teachers face will be presented. In addition, practical solutions such as activities and techniques will be suggested in hope that more English language teachers will take on the challenge of teaching young learners in the future.

About Maria: BA English Language and Linguistics, ESL Teacher, Thessaloniki, Greece

Speaker: Olga Christodoulou
Title: Is the Shoe perhaps on the wrong foot? Dyslexia and Reading problems: Signs and Inclusive teaching practices
Reading is the most important skill that a child must acquire at school because someone must learn to read in order to read to learn. In this workshop we will try to identify the key issues in overcoming reading comprehension difficulties through the implementation of inclusive teaching practices.

About Olga: BA English Language and Literature/MA Inclusive Education specialised in Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties/Lecturer in New York College/ EAP Teacher/ Thessaloniki/Greece

Pre-Conference ELTeaser

With only a few hours away from our 25th Jubilee International Conference, don't miss the chance to read our pre-Conference ELTeaser featuring the interviews with our 5 inspiring plenary speakers, Ron Morrain, Dr Deniz Kurto─člu Eken, Dr Luke Prodromou, Michael Robbs and Agapi Dendaki. Make sure you also check out the Conference Programme so that you can plan your time in advance! Last but definitely not least, find the report of our TESOL MTH Pie Cutting Event and Dimitris Tzouris's column! Looking forward to seeing you all over the next 3 days!
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Meet Our Speakers - Vasilis Ploumis, Katerina Morou, Eleni Kastrani, Vasiliki Shajaku, Maria Karagianni

Speakers: Vasilis Ploumis, Katerina Morou, Eleni Kastrani, Vasiliki Shajaku, Maria Karagianni (Mentor: Foteini Malkogiorgou)
Title: Transforming text-book language practice activities into meaningful Pedagogical Tasks
Task based language learning and teaching can achieve a pedagogically valued outcome in second language learning and facilitate language acquisition and development. Nunan (2014) supports that in order to create learning opportunities in the classroom, we must transform real-world tasks into pedagogical tasks. In this session, we will transform text-book language activities into pedagogical tasks with the aim of offering learners opportunities for authentic interaction and increased fluency and control over forms they have already partially acquired. 

Vassilis is an EFL teacher and the owner of an EFL learning center in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has been exercising the teaching profession since 2011. He is also a third year undergraduate of the BA (Hons) English Language and English Language teaching of the University of Greenwich offered at New York College. 

Vasiliki Sagiakou is currently a third-year undergraduate student at the BA (Hons) English Language and English Language Teaching Programme of the University of Greenwich offered at New York College Thessaloniki Campus. Vasiliki is working as ELT private tutor.

Katerina Morou is currently a third-year undergraduate student at the BA (Hons) English language and English language teaching programme of the University of Greenwich offered at New York College Thessaloniki. She also holds a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification awarded by Concorde International UK and she is currently working as an ELT teacher.

Maria Karagianni is an EFL teacher and private tutor. Her first degree is in journalism. Her need to enrich her knowledge and develop professionally led her to becoming a student at New York College of Thessaloniki and attend the BA (Hons) English Language and English Language Teaching programme of the University of Greenwich.

Eleni Reina Kastranis is 22 years old she is half Greek and half Dutch. She has lived in six countries and speaks three languages. She is currently a third-year undergraduate student at the BA (Hons) English Language and English Language Teaching Programme of the University of Greenwich offered at New York College Thessaloniki Campus. 

TESOL MTh 25th Jubilee Conference Program

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