Monday, September 4, 2017

TESOL MTh Welcome Back Event

Tesol Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece invites us to celebrate the beginning of the school year with an event filled with ideas and inspiration.
Chrissie Taylor, Paschalia Patsala and Eirini Gamvrou are ready to boost us with positive energy and creativity for the forthcoming year.

Speaker: Chrissie Taylor
Titlie: Raining Cats and Dogs

What have cats and dogs got to do with grammar in context, vocabulary development and using language? This talk is not going to be about idioms but about how to bring language and structures to life through theme context.

Speaker: Paschalia Patsala
Title: Picturing Public Engagement: Its relevance to education, its impact on society.

Educational institutions have recently started adopting a more outward-looking orientation; the focus on dialogue and exchange—complementing knowledge transfer—is nowadays one of the greatest challenges in education. This presentation will demonstrate how developing a strategic approach to Public Engagement enables educational institutions in the area of foreign language teaching to rediscover their roots as active contributors to positive social change, and acquire great educational benefits by enhancing the overall impact of the foreign language teacher’s vocation. 

Speaker: Eirini Gamvrou
Title: Reading and Writing in on-line and off-line environments.

This session will focus on reading and writing in reading book clubs which seem to regenerate in on- line environments.  
Reading and writing practices of two Greek on- line communities will be presented and juxtaposed with similar practises of off- line book clubs which operate at school or independently.

        Programme for the day:
  • 10:00 Arrivals 
  • 10:15 Intro by Chair 
  • 10:30-11:30 Chrissie Taylor  (Intro by Linda Manney) 
  • 11:30-12:00 Coffee break 
  • 12:00-13:00 Dr Paschalia Patsala  (Intro by Maria Theologidou) 
  • 13:00-14:00 Dr Irene Gamvrou  (Intro by Maria Sachpazian) 

About the speakers:

Chrissie Taylor is a teacher and teacher trainer with Study Space
She has worked for many years as a teacher with the British Council,  Mandoulides High School and as a trainer with Study Space, teacher development centre. Now she enjoys contribution to training and teaching to keep involved in what she loves doing.

Dr. Paschalia Patsala is the Head of the English Studies Department of The International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, CITY College, and a Lecturer of English Language and Linguistics. 
She holds a PhD in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MA in Theory of Lexicography and Applications and a BA in English Language and Literature (Major: Linguistics)—both from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
She is currently attending a PGCert in Learning and Teaching from the School of Education, as well as a PGCert in Clinical Neuropsychology, of the Department of Psychology—both from the University of Sheffield.
Dr Patsala has approximately 15 years of teaching experience, having taught in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes of various European and American Universities. 
She has also occupied several administrative positions in educational institutions, serving mainly as the Head of English Language Departments. 
In addition to her engagement with education, Dr Paschalia Patsala has pursued a career as a Lexicographer and Editor, having worked in a number of dictionaries and volumes published by Greek and foreign publishing houses.

Eirini Gamvrou holds a PhD from School of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Other studies: 
Faculty of Arts, Dept of Modern Greek Studies, AUTh (1996)
MA, Dept of Modern Greek Studies, AUTh (2000)
MSc, Interdisciplinary Studies’ Programme, Faculty of Arts, AUTh (2006) 
PhD, Faculty of Education, AUTh (2017)
She is a teacher  of Modern Greek Language and Literature. She is married and a mother of two children. 

About the venue:

The Auditorium of the Central Library of AUTH is located next to the Main Aula and the the Karathanasi Building of AUTH and opposite the entrance of HELEXPO. On a Sunday morning it will be easy to find parking in the area. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Call for Proposals for the 25th Jubilee International Conference.

Our dear friends and colleagues, our Call for Participation for the 25th Jubilee International Conference is now open. Join us! Click here and send your application today!

Monday, June 12, 2017

TESOL MTh Summer Event - Teachers' Well-being & Self-Discovery

 Our Summer Event  will be held on Saturday 17th June at 11:00 at City College on Leondos Sofou. The topic of our event is:

                                            "Teachers' Well-being and Self-discovery''

 We have the pleasure of hosting two great professionals who will show us  practical ways of fighting stress. 

Our first session (11:00-12:15) will be run Ms Madalena Kounini, Yoga Teacher at the Armonia Yoga and Meditation Centre. The topic of our yoga session will be:"How we can fight stress"

Practical Details:

Ms.Kounini has informed us  that all of our members can participate, irrespective of their age or  physical condition. Prior knowledge of Yoga is NOT necessary. The only thing you need is the desire to have a relaxing experience. It is very important to bring your own Yoga Mattress. We have been informed that Jumbo and big Supermarkets offer them at low prices. If you don't want to invest, a towel will do but may feel less comfortable. This is a totally informal and stress-free event, so feel free to join us with your tracksuits. That is what the board will do.  
During the break (12:15-12:45) we will share some green tea and juice (coffee as well) and some treats. 

Our second session (12:45-13:30) will be run by Ms. Natassa Manitsa. The topic of her session is: ''Bad or just sad? Beat that Imposter Syndrome in your classroom''  

Session Summary:
Teachers seem to be stressed about everything and they take everything personallly. What are these agonizing self-doubts?  Why do these dark thoughts appear in the middle of the night? Does my dentist worry that much? Or are there neurosurgeons, lawyers, even actors and actresses out there agonizing that they might be guilty of... fail charges? Well, just a little bit of failure could be the new success...So why are we doing this thing to ourselves? In this presentation we will have a look at what’s causing this “bad teacher self-doubt” epidemic and what we might do to help.

We know Natassa as the ''international face'' of Express Publishing where she's been working since 2007, but this time Natassa will come to us as a psychologist.  Natassa Manitsa holds a BA in Educational Psychology from the University of Athens and she is an MSc student in School Psychology in the Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.  She has worked as a teacher, a teacher coordinator, a teacher trainer, a translator, an author, a blogger and a radio producer.   

Social Programme:
After the event, if you feel like a relexing ''ouzaki'' join the TESOL MTH Board and our speakers at AKRON (12 Katouni str, Ladadika). The menu inclusive with drinks will come at 15euro per person. If yoga and self-discovery don't do it, then ouzo will certainly do the trick and send us to this relaxing summer mode. Please let us know if you are planning to come to the taverna so that we can inform the restaurant.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thinking outside the (EFL) box...How to facilitate critical and creative thinking skills development in your EFL class - Webinar with Dimitris Primalis

According to C. McGuiness (1999), “focusing on thinking skills in the classroom is important because it supports active cognitive processing which makes for better learning. “ But what exactly do we mean by critical and creative thinking skills? How important are they for EFL/ESL learners? How can we incorporate them seamlessly without burdening our –  usually jam-packed – syllabus? How can they be exploited to boost language skills such as speaking, writing, reading and listening? A practical workshop with activities, tips and hints for front line teachers.

Dimitris Primalis is an EFL teacher who needs no introduction. He is an author and Cambridge English Language Assessment oral examiner. He has been teaching for more than 20 years and applies his knowledge and experience to introducing innovation and change into the daily teaching practice. He believes that motivation, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication can be the driving forces in TEFL. His views and work are shared in his columns in the ELT News, the BELTA Bulletin and his blog, “A different side of EFL” . He has presented his work in many conferences in Greece and abroad. Dimitris was awarded the 2013 IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG scholarship and was selected as an Expert Innovative Educator by Microsoft (2014-15). He is working at Doukas, a private primary school in Athens, Greece. We are happy and honoured that Dimitris Primalis will be leading our webinar!

Join us by just clicking on the link:
           Make sure to follow very few easy steps and you will be ready to attend our webinar!

Listen to Dimitris Primalis speaking on "Teachers Coffee" radio show about the contents of the TESOL Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece Webinar on Sunday 7th May at 6:00. Follow the link:

Monday, April 10, 2017

TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Northern Greece Lesson Plan Competition - Us and Them: A play by David Campton

Were you in the 24th Annual International Conference of TESOL MTh? Did you attend the performance of Us and Them by ‘’Luke & Friends”? 

Even if you have not attended the performance, you have a unique chance to try out your lesson planning skills!  Read the play and create a lesson plan on how you would use this play in class with your students. How would you work on this text in class? Send us your lesson plans stating your aims, a short rationale (100 words) behind and state the procedure in stages. If you want you can also supply a short class profile (70 words). Entries need to be submitted in PDF format. 

The committee, which go through a blind reading of the submissions, will consist of 

  • Dr. Luke Prodromou 
  • Ms. Foteini Malkogeorgou 
  • Dr. Linda Manney 

The deadline for submissions is May 10th 2017 and the winner will be announced in the Summer Event of our Association and s/he will be given a year’s free membership to TESOL Macedonia-Thrace and a bottle of wine to celebrate winning.The winner will have to write an article in ELTeaser outlining his/her rationale and aims.  

For access to the text of the play click here
For more information just check here on our blog.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

24th TESOL Macedonia Thrace Convention Report by Eleni Kampadaki

(this entry is a host article written for TESOL Greece Newsletter by the TESOL Greece representative Eleni Kampadaki).

This year’s TESOL Macedonia Thrace Convention attracted many teachers from Greece and abroad, and hosted distinguished speakers who set trends and presented techniques that signal a world of change.

On Saturday, Ms Marisa Constantinides in her plenary, stressed the importance of creative teaching in developing students’ creative thinking skills. She illustrated this with a variety of interactive activities that the audience really enjoyed.

In the second plenary of the day, Professor Sugata Mitra presented his projects - “the Hole in the Wall”, “the Self Organised Learning Environment”, “the Granny Cloud” and “the School in the Cloud”, all of which, point to the future of learning. He revealed to us that he has serious evidence to believe that what makes his projects really successful is the fact that “children in groups have an understanding that is greater than that of each individual’. The metaphor he used for this was very vivid: “the hive knows everything”, he said.

On Sunday, Dr Marina Mattheoudakis made us all wonder about what - if anything - has actually changed as regards the teaching of the English language in Greek state schools since its introduction in the National Curriculum. The conclusion of her very enlightening talk was that a bottom-up reconstruction of the educational system must be implemented, meaning that every single teacher has to change his/her own class. 

During the two days of the convention a lot of very inspiring concurrent talks and workshops took place. 

Danny Singh’s workshop dealt with the issue of how to learn English through the mind and the body, turning passive listening, shopping lists, and subtitled films into simple steps to improve students’ competence. Angelos Bollas conducted a very powerful workshop on how affectively engaging topics can increase students’ motivation and have a better effect on their learning. Ms Spyridoula Kokkali pleasantly surprised us and moved us by explaining all about a project called “Healthy Little Eaters” that has really changed the eating habits of her students and has sensitized a whole community in Corfu to environmental issues.

Mr Leo Selivan in his plenary talk had us pondering on error (or mistake) correction in writing. The point he really managed to make was that there are many cases in which a student’s error that at first glance might seem as a grammatical one is indeed evidence of a lack in his / her lexis, and it should thus be remedied accordingly. 

It is also worth mentioning that the members of the Board as well as the volunteers did their best throughout the conference in order to cater for all our needs and make us feel most welcome. On the whole, it was a convention worth attending, that raised our awareness to so many trends and techniques of our ever changing world. 

By Eleni Kampadaki
For TESOL Greece

Note from the Editor: [First published in the TESOL Greece Newsletter, issue 133, p23]